A healthy summer with Korea Ginseng Corp.


1.Eat summer stamina health food and recharge your energy!

During the hot summer season in Korea, people eat stamina health food for recharge physical strength. One of the signature summer food is “Samgyetang [參鷄湯, Ginseng Chicken Soup]”, which is a chicken soup boiled with ginseng, jujube, and garlic. Why do you think Koreans eat hot food on the hottest day? Koreans eat hot food full of nutrition so that they can supplement the nutrition that has been taken away by sweating. Today, We would like to explain how to make Samgyetang. Usually, it is boiled with ginseng, but especially this time, we used our product. Let’s cook Chicken Soup with Red Ginseng Extract!





2. Drink 8 cups of water a day

Do you know that about 2.5 liters of water is getting out of our bodies?

Water disappears 1.6L by urine and feces, 0.6L by breathing and 0.3L by skin evaporation. Water that has been disappeared from your body needs to be supplemented immediately. If there is not enough water in your body, the following health signal will be visible. First, it is easy to become overweight. Second, skin aging profresses rapidly. Third, constipation occures. Fourth, chronic fatigue gets settled. Now, why don’t you have a glass of water right now?


Drinking 2 liters of water a day project!




“Araki Jeongsook”
Sales staff at Japan Kansai Airport

Among KGC’s duty-free shops abroad, Kansai Airport duty-free shop in Japan has top-selling record. Let’s hear a story of “Araki Jeongsook”, a sales staff who is maing a huge contribution to sales.

Q. How did you start working at the CheongKwanJang store in Kansai Airport?
It was woderful and made me very proud to see a Korean product to be sold in Japanese duty free shop before the Korean Wave craze. I am selling the world’s best red ginseng that represents Korea, in a big and cheerful voice with healthy laughter and happy feeling.

Q. Was there a rewarding or impressive moment?
In early days, most customers did not know CheongKwanJang and ginseng itself and many had the wrong product knowledge. I felt rewarded customer revisited and purchased products after sample tasting. A customer told me that his grandson who took our products was the only one who did not get a stomach bug during his high school field trip and an American female customer repurchased beaused she didn’t feel tired after taking our products and driving for 6 hour. Also, there are many rewarding moments.

Q. Waht are the popualr products?
Regardless of nationality, the most popular product is red ginseng extract. Japanese customers are basically sensitive to flavor and odor, so they prefer extract capsules, tablets and tea. Some customers purchase the extract after trying Everytime as sample. Chinese customers purchase in large quantities and high=priced products, though the number of visitors is low. They usually purchase ginseng roots and red ginseng powder, and there is an increasing number of the capsule purchase from customers intheithr 40-50s. Regardless of the nationality, young customers are increasing. I think it is the influence of TV drama PPL.

Q. Do you have special tips on sales?
Nothing special. I honestly try to deliver what every customer wants. I prepare products for regular customers by rescheduling my work days if they notify me their departure date via mobile messenger. For elderly customers, I try to prepare products and packaging as light and simple as possible. I try to keep up with trends such as TV dram shows.



CheongKwanJang Mall opened on July 18th!

CheongKwanJang Mall carries not only red ginseng products but also 1,000 health functional foods, 450 cosmetics and 300 kinds of food that you can trust. Let’s take a look at this picture that explains why you should use the CheongKwanJang Mall. As it is said that overseas shipping will be available later, the future of CheongKwanJang Mall is very promising.