California Roll with Korean Red Ginseng and Kelp is …

A high content of iodine in the kelp promotes metabolism and removes fatigue and weariness, making you feel refreshed. Furthermore, it makes the dry and coarse skin smooth and supple. It is also effective in discharging wastes out of our body, greatly appealing to women. With a roll with Korean red ginseng, you can get the nutrition in an easy and convenient manner.


Korean Red ginseng slices : 1/2 bag
Rice : 2 bowls
Kelp for wraps : 50g
Paprika (green, red, yellow) : 1/2 piece for each color
Onion : 1/4 piece
Cucumber : 1/2 piece
Egg :  5 eggs , Salt Little

Rice Seasoning Ingredients

Salt 1/2 ts, Sesame oil 1 Ts


Mustard sauce 2 Ts
Mayonnaise, honey 1 Ts each


1. Cleanly wash kelp for wraps and leave it in cold water for 20 minutes. Once desalted, dry it gently. Then, cut it into a proper size.

2. Cut paprika, onion and cucumber into 5cm-long slices. Cut the Korean red ginseng into slices as well.

3. Whisk eggs with an addition of salt and cook them in a kelp size over low heat.

4. Pour the sauce ingredients into a bowl and mix them.

5. Pour steamed rice into a large bowl and add the rice seasoning ingredients.

6. Place the eggs from the step 3 and kelp onto a bamboo mat and spread the steamed rice out up to two thirds of the kelp size.

7. Scatter a spoon of the sauce from the step 4 over the rice and put the vegetables and Korean red ginseng slices from the step 2 on it.

8. Roll the rice with the bamboo mat. Cut the roll into one-bite sizes.

Recipes Tips !

Use the kelp after removing water.

The steamed rice is rolled with kelp so that it is important to have the kelp dried. Otherwise, the roll would be easily unrolled. When the roll is cut, fix the roll using a toothpick or skewer to have a pretty roll.