Deluxe Rice with Chicken and Korean Red Ginseng in a Hot Pot is …

In general, ‘yeongyang sotbap’ reminds of rice steamed with chestnuts, jujubes, ginkgo nuts and other healthy ingredients. With an addition of Korean red ginseng powder and chicken, this dish would be great in regaining stamina and energy. Furthermore, the addition of other healthy ingredients including mushrooms, burdock and konjac make this dish even better for family health.


Rice soaked in water : 2 cups, Chicken leg : 2 legs
Korean Red ginseng extract : 1/2 Ts
Carrot : 1/5 piece , Konjac (3 centimeters) : 1 piece
Burdock(10 centimeters) : 1 piece
Dried shiitake mushroom : 2 mushrooms
Oyster mushroom : 1 handful
Dropwort : 10 stems , Yubu (fried tofu) : 4 sheets
Kelp (5 centimeters in length and width) :  2 pieces
Vinegar :  2 Ts, Cooking oil, Salt Little

Chicken Leg Sauce

Soy sauce : 3 Ts, Minced scallion : 1 Ts
Garlic : 1/2 Ts, Sesame salt : 1 Ts
Sesame oil : 1 Ts, Korean Red ginseng extract : 1 ts
Black pepper Little




1. Peel the chicken legs and make small cuts. Then, marinate them in the seasoning.

2. Slightly soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in hot water. Remove the roots and cut the mushrooms into slices. Use the roots in making stock.

3. Blanch Yubu (fried tofu) in boiling water and cut it into 1cm-wide slices. Cut konjac into slices and blanch them in boiling water with an addition of salt.

4. Peel off the burdock and cut it into 5cm-long slices. Soak them in vinegar and blanch in boiling water.

5. Cut the carrot into 5cm-long slices. Remove the roots and tear the oyster mushrooms into pieces. Cut the dropwort into 4cm-long slices.

6. Pour kelp and soaked shiitake mushroom roots into warm water and leave them for about an hour. Put the pot on a cooktop and turn on the switch. Once it boils, scoop out the kelp and shiitake mushroom roots. Then, boil it over medium heat for five minutes.

7. Pour the ingredients but chicken legs and dropwort into the stock from the step 6. Then, boil it again and drain through a sieve.

8. Pour cooking oil on a pan and quickly cook the chicken legs from the step 1 over high heat. Then, cut them into slices.

9.Put the chicken legs from the step 8 and rice soaked in water into a stone pot and pour the stock from the step 7. Then, add the Korean red ginseng extract.

10. If rice is being cooked, pour the ingredients from the step 7. Put the lid back on and give a pause.

11. Once rice is all cooked, turn off the cooktop. Then, add dropwort and put the lid back on.

Recipes Tips !

Fill the pot with water which is as large as 70 percent of the rice.

To cook rice in a stone pot, fill the pot with water to 70 percent of the rice. Otherwise, the water may boil over, and ‘tteum (‘resting’)’ may not be properly finished. Furthermore, the lid should be kept open until resting to avoid boiling-over. Once the water starts to boil, cook it over medium heat. If water is mostly evaporated, turn the burner to low heat.