DONGINBI Face Red Ginseng cosmetics Pamper Your Skin with CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng Condensed Korean red ginseng oil, extracted drop by drop from each root DONGINBI was created in 1899 based on CheongKwanJang’s philosophy of creating Korean red ginseng for external use From Korean red ginseng foods to cosmetics For unwavering beauty that stands the test of time Highly-functioning premium skincare solution- DONGINBI
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DONGINBI’s roots date back to 1899

It takes six full years to cultivate authentic and pure Korean red ginseng,
the foundation of DONGINBI cosmetics.
DONGINBI’s authentic Korean red ginseng derives its energy
from the sound of water, waves, and footsteps.


Embodying the noble energy of red ginseng, DONGINBI 1899 Tech

A journey to find a more concentrated, richer, and purer essence
DONGINBI uses three Signature 1899 Tech ingredients – Korean red ginseng oil,
red ginseng condensate and red ginseng essence – to deliver the ultimate skincare solution.


The fragrance that resulted from a six-year journey

DONGINBI’s ultimate skincare solution is created by taking as much time
as it needs to blend the perfect fragrance.
The long wait of six years has ripened the lovely scent of spring flowers,
the vigorous scent of red berries and the warm scent of the earth and roots.
These graceful and profound scents have been infused into DONGINBI
products to complete your beauty inside and outside.