CheongKwanJang, Hwa Ae Rak: A Feminine Health Brand for the Vitality of Women Experiencing Menopause

Hwa Ae Rak, a Red Ginseng Brand for Women by CheongKwanJang

CheongKwanJang, Hwa Ae Rak(Women’s Balance) is a brand for women, helping them lead  harmonious, loving, and happy lives. Since it was launched in 2003, the brand has been providing  solutions to women who wish to maintain youthful health, growing into a representative brand of CheongKwanJang.

In addition to well-known general properties of improving the immune system, relieving stress,  increasing memory, and facilitating blood circulation, red ginseng was recognized by the Korean Food and Drug Safety Administration for its anti-oxidization functions, which is a feature highly related to anti-aging, a topic of interest among middle-aged women. At the end of last year, the herb root  product was officially certified by the same agency that it can help with symptoms of menopause, boosting its popularity as a health functional food.

In particular, Korea Ginseng Corporation applied to patent nutrients relieving menopause symptoms in 2004, and has since been conducting research to develop Hwa Ae Rak series, a feminine health brand using red ginseng and various healthy ingredients, with nearly one hundred researchers working for  ten years.

Hwa Ae Rak Jin for the Health of Women Experiencing Menopause, Hwa Ae Rak  Bon for Comprehensive Feminine Health Management, and Hwa Ae Rak Q With High Portability

1Red ginseng used for Hwa Ae Rak(Women’s Balance) series are carefully selected via thorough  quality management process of CheongKwanJang. Red ginseng used through 100% contract  cultivation can only be used after it passes seven rounds of two hundred ninety safety test. Additional ingredients also go through similar quality management as that of red ginseng. Based on such strict quality management, Hwa Ae Rak products are recognized for its safety, with  Hwa Ae Rak Bon being exported to the United States.

Hwa Ae Rak Jin is popular as a feminine health product, with official Korean Food and Drug Safety  Administration certification that it can help with Menopause symptoms. It harmonizes six-year-old red ginseng and deer antler velvet, along with natural ingredients including oriental traditional  herbs(danggui and peony) to alleviate menopause symptoms that can make life hard for middle aged women. Since its release in March, the product is wildly popular with middle aged women, and it is a  great product to gift to female family members later in their life. It is a product that harmonizes various additional ingredients, good for adult women who wish to maintain their youthful health. In addition, the product features plant ingredients such as soybean, pomegranate, cranberry, and lemon balm, packaged in a liquid pouch.

2Hwa Ae Rak Q features CheongKwanJang Six-Year-Old Red Ginseng as its main ingredients, added with additional traditional ingredients such as tuckahoe, white atractylis, peony, danggui, and bamboo leaves. The product, along with Hwa Ae Rak Jin, has been recognized by the Korean Food and Drug Safety Administration for its benefit for the health for women going through menopause. Tablet form, easy to consume and carry, is another factor that increases customer convenience.

In addition, Korea Ginseng Corporation is executing various activities to help women lead healthy and happy lives. By collaborating with department store culture centers, the company runs cultural lectures such as Hwa Ae Rak Salon, which suggests “Hwa Ae Rak lifestyle,” consisting of harmony, love, and happiness.

CheongKwanJang(正官庄) Korean Ginseng,  The Best Shopping Item for Cruise Travel

3Traveling on a cruise ship is a popular tourism product, since it allows tourists to travel to many different countries and enjoy the ocean breeze. Another entertainment factor of cruise travel is shopping. Passengers aboard a cruise ship spend many hours and days on it, and cruise line companies host on-board duty-free stores for its passengers to sell global luxury goods at lower prices.

Nine Cruise ships, including the Quantum, Ovation, and Mariner in the Royal Caribbean, and the Victoria, Serena Fortuna, Atlantica, Genting Dream, and Sky Golden Air in the Costa, which depart from China, all feature CheongKwanJang Korean ginseng, a globally-popular health food brand.

Korean ginseng is a gift travelers must buy du 4ring their trip to Asia. Korean ginseng has been recognized as the most precious health food in the world since the ancient times. It is a traditional herbal medicine that balances the body and replenishes the energy, and a health food that is commonly consumed by people of all age groups. Korean Food and Drug Safety Administration officially certified that Korean ginseng can help with fatigue recovery, immune system improvement, anti-oxidization, memory improvement, and blood circulation improvement.

CheongKwanJang(正官庄) is a brand with a tradition of more than 100 years, and can be easily found in Korean airports, duty free stores, and department stores. It is a great opportunity for cruise travelers that on-board dutyfree stores embarking from China can purchase the products. In particular, products sold on board are same in terms of price at Korean duty free stores, and 40% less expensive than prices in China. In addition, various benefits and promotions are prepared for on-board duty free stores, as well as special gifts for the customers.

CheongKwanJang Korean Ginseng is the best gift that represents Asia, a necessity to lead a healthy life. The brand is becoming the perfect gift for loved ones not only in Korea, but also in China, Japan, and around the world. Cruise travelers should consider picking up Cheong KwanJang for the health of their loved ones.