Korea Ginseng Corporation Participates in Tax Free World Association Exhibition in Singapore

  • – New grounds for fortifying global tax free business and expanding new demands
  • – KGC launches Korea Red Ginseng Plus Series, a six-item lineup for family care

CheongKwanJang, First Debut at 2017 TFWA
CheongKwanJang Makes its Debut at 2017 TFWA Exhibition

topKorea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) introduced Key CheongKwanJang products in 2017 TFWA  Exhibition in Korea hosted from May 9 to May 11.

This event is the largest tax free trade fair hosted by the Tax Free World Association (TFWA), held in Singapore and Canne, France, twice every year. This iteration of the exhibition was also participated by two hundred sixty globally renowned tax free brands showcasing various products.

With its know-hows and experiences in Korean Ginseng production based on master artisanship, CheongKwanJang exhibited the story of its brand that carried on for millennia and its key products.

KGC’s participation in this TFWA Exhibition is expecially meaningful in that this is the company’s debut in the event, and that KGC set out to establish its image as the No. 1 global ginseng brand and grounds for expanding into new markets.

CheongKwanJang Plus Series, a New, Sensational Family Care Product Line, Launches


Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) launched Korean Red Ginseng Plus Series, its new global tax-free exclusive product, in this exhibition event.

Korean Red Ginseng Plus Series is a group of six products containing red ginseng and other functional ingredients under the concept of family care; with light and portable packaging, these products for the tax-free market is perfect for purchasing as gifts during foreign travels and international business trips.

KGC said it intends to intensify its global tax-free business with the debut of CheongKwanJang at the TFWA Exhibition, and that it will use this opportunity not only to fortify global business in the Asia-Pacific region but also expand its global health functional food market.

CheongKwanJang Red Ginseng Popular With Foreigners Visiting Korea

Foreign Journalists Participating in International Sports Press Association (AIPS) General Assembly Enjoy Ginseng

bottomMore than eighteen million foreigners visited Korea last year alone. Compared to a decade ago, the number increased by ten times, thanks to the popularity of K-Pop and Korean TV dramas drawing in tourists from China and many other countries.

One of the things that foreigners take interest when they visit Korea is the food in the country; red ginseng, which many Korean people consume for their health, are a subject of interest for the visitors as well.

Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) hosted a CheongKwanJang red ginseng promotional booth at the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) General Assembly event held in Alpensia Resort located in PyeongChang, Gangwon-do, and provided samples of red ginseng products. Two hundred seventy journalists who came from across the world sampled red ginseng extract, red ginseng candy, red ginseng tea, and many other products and showed high interest.

African and South American reporters in particular were interested in the red ginseng products. Because red ginseng has a bitter taste in general, many who taste the herb root for the first time are surprised. African journalists at the event, however, had multiple red ginseng extract packets naturally.

One reporter from Congo said, “I knew that red ginseng was a renowned Korean product, but it was my first time trying it. It was much better than I expected.” The reporter further stated that the herb root is attractive enough to want to open up a red ginseng business importation business and continued to consume stick-type red ginseng extract products.

An official from KGC mentioned that the company is making continued efforts to promote CheongKwanJang red ginseng products in international events hosted in Korea, and stated that the effort made red ginseng to be widely known by foreigners, increasing their interest in the product.