Korea Ginseng Corporation diversifies its health foods portfolio beyond red ginseng

KGC enhances its position as a comprehensive health foods company, with the launch of the ‘Alpha Project’


KGC [CEO Park Jeong-wook] launches 15 new red ginseng and other health food products, ambitiously aiming to expand its presence in the health goods market.

KGC diversified its portfolio to include health products, going beyond red ginseng. With the new line of products, it plans not only to target the young generation but also to enhance its position as a comprehensive health products company. At the same time, it will solidify its red ginseng product line, based on the competitivenss and expertise of CheonKwanJang products.

The new ‘Alpha Project’ introduces 7 types of specialized functional health products, each customized to serve a special function, i.e, liver health, eye health, enhanced blood circulation, arthritis treatment and prevention, stomach health, oral health. and bowel health. Every type includes ingredients that protect cells from toxic substances, and anti-oxidative effects.

The brand manager of KGC noted in an interview, “We applied the rigorous quality control system of CheongKwanJang to the new Alpha Project products, so that customers can enjoy our health products with the assurance of safety and efficacy. Based on accumulated R&D and business expertise, we will steadily grow our red ginseng business, and leap forward to position ourselves as a comprehensive health products company, expanding beyond red ginseng.”

<What makes KGC special>
3. R&D : The World’s No.1 Ginseng R&D center


KGC operates the world’s best ginseng R&D center, investing 2% of its annual sales [i.e. 20% of its profit] in R&D. Around 200 experts in the center cooperate with reputable research institutions around the world in various projects. They strive to push boundaries in life science, pursuing research in diverse topics [ginsenf efficacy, cultivation techniques, soil research, new ginseng variety development, food safety enhancement, and new herbal medicine compound development]. New products are developed by applying the research outcomes.

The center plays a great role in enhancing KGCs’ product safety and maximizing nutrition efficacy by setting up rigoruos precautionary food safety measures. They include a step-by-step safety assessment program and food traceability system.28

The center has rightfully earned its reputation as the world’s greatest mecca for red ginseng research, and as the world’s No.1 red ginseng R&D center. It holds a record of 200 patents granted and 500 research papers published.

Winning certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on the five effeicacies of red ginseng was another result of the KGC R&D center’s efforts [improvement in immunity, alleviation of fatigue, improvment in memory function, improvement in blood circulation, and enhancement of anti-oxidant effects.] It is working hard to scientifically prove other properties as well.

The center is inernationally competitive against 70 inernationally certified research institutions in 58 nations, by becoming the first ginseng and red ginseng R&D center in the world to be certified by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme [KOLAS] in 5 areas with 192 certification items.

The center continues to come up with new technologies, such as the new low-temperature processing technology that optimizes red ginseng’s active components. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in product development, innovates and modernizes consumption methods.

The KGC R&D center greatly contributes to developing and modernizing Korea’s ginseng industry, opening overseas markets for red ginseng, and enhancing Korea’s national competitiveness in the area.