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Similar to Thanksgiving in America, Korea has a traditional holiday called Chuseok[秋夕], the Korean Thanksgiving day. Traditions of Chuseok include family gatherings to celebrate the autumn harvest and to commemorate the family’s ancestors. Gift giving is also a big part of Chuseok, to show gratitude to those around you.

What are the best loved Chuseok gift items among Koreans?

Korean beef, dried yellow corvina [saltwater fish], newly harvested fruits and health supplemnets are the most popular presents along with gift certificates, cash and mobile gift vouchers that have become popular recently. CheongKwanJang red ginseng products by KGC are also gaining popularity as Chuseok gifts, showing a rise in sales each year around the season; recording 12% and 21% increases in year 2015 and 2016, respectively. This is due to growing interest in health as the population ages, followed by higher demand for health supplements, exemplified by red ginseng. On top of this, many Koreans tend to perceive CheongKwanJang as the representative red ginseng brand.

KGC expands into the Ukraine market


Ukraine, located between Russia and Eastern Europe, is a country with a population of 44 million, and became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991. Its capital in Kiev, and the country consists mostly of fertile land with no mountains, abundant in natural resources such as iron ore.

The Ukrainians are sports enthusiasts. They enjoy not only competing in sports at international events, but also in daily sports activities. Red ginseng is a treat source of reinvigoration after engaging in sports activitis.

KGC held a sampling event for CheongKwanJang drink products at a Ukraine Athletic Event that took place at the Kharikiv City Council. Ukrainians showed great interest in the Korean Red Ginseng Natural Energizer drinks.

<What makes KGC special>
2. Manufacturing

KGC ginseng processing factory certified by GMP, KOLAS and HACCP

KGC Ginseng factory, where most of the CheongKwanJang product manufacturing process takes place, strives to make safe and clean products. International, 22certifications like GMP, KOLAS, and HACCP are manifestations of such endeavors, and we hope that consumers have greater trust in our products as a result.

GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice, is a standard of excellence for health supplement products. The standard was adopted in 1968 by the WHO, and is a basis for quality control stability and validity of medicine and medical supplies. CheongKwanJang has national GMP certification, and moreover, has earned Australian and Japanese GMP. It also has KOLAS and HACCP certification.

24KGC was the first in the world among red ginseng product manufacturers to become an internationally accredited laboratory in 6 areas with 192 certification items certified by KOLAS, the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme, reconfirming Korea’s position as the birthplace of ginseng. KOLAS certified laboratories are givven internationally recognized ratings related to capacity and credibility, authorized by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. This, in turn, implies that the KGC red ginseng laboratory in an institution with world class credibility.

The factory is also a winner of HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point certification, which is a credit given to systems that entirely prevent contamination of distubance from hazardous factors from the stages of raw material production to final consumption. Only institutions with the ability to defend themselves from biochemical, chemical, and physical risks until final consumption can earn HACCP certification.