Paella with Korean Red Ginseng is …

Paella made of various ingredients and rice is similar to haemul sotbap (rice with seafood in a hot pot) in Korea. With an addition of Korean red ginseng powder to common ingredients, rice and flavor, Hongsam Paella is more flavorful and delicious


Korean Red ginseng powder : 1 ts
Sea mussel : 50g
Squid : 1/2 squid, Prawn : 2 prawns
Mini asparagus : 3 pieces
Mini paprika : 3 pieces
Onion :  1 piece, Rice :  1 cup
Curry powder : 3 Ts
Dried chili pepper :  1 piece
Minced garlic : 1/2 Ts
Butter : 5g, Water :  2 cups
Salt, Black pepper, rucola Little


1. Wash the rice and leave it on a sieve.

2. Mix curry powder and Korean red ginseng powder with water.

3. Remove the intestines from the squid and cut it into 1cm-thick, ring-shaped slices. Cleanly wash the prawns and sea mussels.

4. Cut mini asparaguses and mini paprika in half and cut the dried chili pepper with scissors after removing the seeds. Dice the onion (1 centimeter in length and width).

5. Put butter on a pan and stir-fry the onion and minced garlic. Then, add salt and black pepper. Pour rice and stir-fry.

6. Pour in the curry and Korean red ginseng water from the step 2 and boil. Then, add the seafood from the step 3.

7. Boil the pan over low heat to have the rice cooked. Add the vegetables from the step 4 and cook it.

8. Put rucola on top.

Recipes Tips !

Stir-fry rice long time after removing water.

If rice is soaked in water, it may taste not good. Therefore, stir-fry it on a pan after removing water only. Then, the rice would become more savory and flavorful. Once paella is done, add rucola on top. It may look prettier and taste savory.