Pine Nut Porridge with Korean Red Ginseng is …

Pine nuts are also called, ‘haesongja,’ ‘silbaek’ and ‘songja.’ They are mostly comprised of fat (73%), and it’s mostly unsaturated fatty acid. They also contain protein (15%). Therefore, they are good for boosting stamina. They also promote digestion so that they are good for those with weak gastric functions.


Korean Red ginseng marc : 30g
Pine nut : 100g
Jujube : 1 jujube
Cold rice : 1 bowl
Water 1 and half cups
Honey : 1 ts
Salt : 1/4 ts


1. Pour Korean red ginseng marc (20g) and pine nuts into a mixer and add water. Mix them until the shape of pine nuts are gone.

2. Pour cold rice into the mixture from the step 1, and mix them again. Pour the mixture into a pot.

3. Wipe the jujube with a dry cloth and cut it into slices. Then, mince the Korean red ginseng marc.

4. Pour the pine nut porridge from the step 2 and Korean red ginseng marc into a pot, and stir it. Switch off the cooktop and pour the food into a bowl.

5. Top the jujube slices from the step 3 on the food. Add honey or salt if you want.


Recipes Tips !

Do not cook pine nuts too long. A bad small may come out.

Do not cook pine nuts too long. Otherwise, they may generate a bad smell through fat oxidation. To make porridge with rice, boil the rice only in advance. Add pine nuts later. To make rice, in contrast, turn off the burner once it boils. Add salt or sweet ingredient before eating the pine nut porridge to avoid it from becoming sloppy.