Brand Portfolio Built On Experience & Expertise

KGC has established a diverse brand portfolio based on CheongKwanJang, the world’s No.1 Ginseng Brand (Source : Euromonitor International Ltd,. Vitamins and Dietary Supplement category; % retail value share, 2007-2016 data. CH 2017 edition.) This portfolio is built on the expertise we have accumulated as Asia’s leader, along with 120 years’ worth of history, the longest in the industry. By providing a wide range of products – including nutritional blends of super foods and Korean Red Ginseng (Good BASE); cosmetics made with Korean Red Ginseng to improve skin resilience (DONGINBI); and Chinese ginseng processed with KGC’s advanced technology (En Zhen Yuan) – KGC is leading the way in the ginseng industry.


KGC runs our iconic brand, CheongKwanJang, utilizing 120 years of experience manufacturing Korean Red Ginseng. By exporting the world’s finest Korean Red Ginseng to some 40 countries around the world, CheongKwanJang has consolidated its position as the most well recognized brand in the health foods market, and represented Korea on the global stage. Armed with a wide range of Korean Red Ginseng products developed to suit customer’s tastes and lifestyles, as well as to maximize the natural benefits of ginseng, it is truly the world’s No. 1 Ginseng Brand.


Good BASE is a health food brand, developed to promote family health and vitality through the use of natural ingredients. KGC applies the same manufacturing process and strict quality control of CheongKwanJang to Good BASE products, and we rely upon our 120 years of experience when carefully selecting wholesome ingredients from nature.


DONGINBI is the cosmeceutical (cosmetics + pharmaceutical) brand born under our 120 years of R&D technology. KGC uses proprietary technology, which maximizes the benefits of Korean red ginseng and helps strengthen the body’s integumentary system (the organ system including the skin.)

EN Zhen Yuan

En Zhen Yuan takes KGC’s expertise in processing Korean Red Ginseng and applies it to the processing of high-quality Chinese ginseng. En Zhen Yuan products are made from 5-years-grown ginseng cultivated on Mt. Changbai, the benefits of which are fortified using KGC’s advanced technology.