Red ginseng, must-have item for test-takers


Seen is Korean red ginseng extract, iPass. / Courtesy of Korea Ginseng Corp.


Red ginseng has long been regarded here as one of the essential gifts for students, who take the annual state-administered college entrance exam around the middle of November.

In Korea, most test-takers have difficulty focusing on their studies in August, 100 days before the exam, although it is the most important time for them.

Red ginseng can help those who are tired because of long periods of preparation for the test.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recognized red ginseng for its efficacy in overcoming fatigue, strengthening immunity and enhancing memory.

One of the most popular red ginseng products is iPass H.

Since CheongKwanJang, the country’s top-tier red ginseng brand, introduced the product in 2001 for teenagers, iPass has maintained its popularity among test-takers.

The product is made with Korea Ginseng Corp.’s (KGC) six-year-old red ginseng extract.

KGC said CheongKwanJang’s red ginseng products undergo seven inspections on 290 elements throughout the manufacturing process.

The company said the safety inspection allows consumers to trust in its red ginseng products.

In addition to test-takers, many foreign tourists also acknowledge CheongKwanJang’s red ginseng products as a health tonic representing Korea. They think they have to buy the products during their visit to Korea.

According to KGC, CheongKwanJang’s products are available in 60 countries worldwide, including China, Taiwan and the United States. This is because of the growing demand for made-in-Korea products, following the popularity of Korean culture in other countries, the company said.