KGC & MarvegloPlus introduce Korean Red Ginseng to Nigerians


To further boost the immune system, fitness, life expectancy and overall healthy living of Nigerias, MarvegloPlus Limited has introduced the world acclaimed Korean Red Ginseng product, known as CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng, into the Nigerian market in partnership with Korea Ginseng Corporation, a leading Ginseng producing company in the world.

In the launching show, which was held on July 23, in Lagos, the Chairman of MarvegloPlus Limited, Mr. Lekan Oyegbade, said CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng is very unique, powerful with proven results of efficacy for over two thousand years.

He affirmed that it is made of highly concentrated six-years-grown Korean Red Ginseng roots, processed using cutting-edge technology that retains the rich flavor of ginseng and its active components at an optimal level to help the body resist various ailments, including malaria.

The average life expectancy of Nigerians is 53 years on account of what many consider as poverty, stress and inadequate health care facilities.

The Chairman restated the commitment of MarvegloPlus Limited to pormote healthy living among Nigerians. He expressed the company’s gratitude to Korean Red Ginseng Corporation, MarvegloPlus and other stakeholders, for their support and confidence in the Nigierian economy.

Afreement with World Vision

Korea Ginseng Corporation to Support Drinking Water Hygiene Projects in Afica

Korea Ginseng Corporation, together with World Vision, aims to promote the health of children around the world through a drinking water hygiene project in Tanzania.

KGC announced on July 25 that the company signed an agreement with World Vision, an international relief development NGO, to support a drinking water sanitation proje15ct in Tanzania, Afica. KGC will pay the cost of four mechanical drinking water systems to be installed in Dabashi, Tanzania with poor drinking water hygiene facilities through the agreement

The lives of people in the Endabash region of Tanzania are threatened by a low rainfall and a lack of infrastructure for drinking water and agricultural water. The pollution of drinking water source and bad hygiene habits feed on water-borne diseases in the region. Especially children under 5 or younger have high malnutrition rate and infection rates.

“We know that many children suffer from various diseases because they can not get clean drinking water in many parts of the world,” said a representative of Korea Ginseng Corporation. “In accordance with our vision to become a global general health company, we are committed to the health of people around the world. We are planning to carry out various social contribution activities as well as the drinking water hygiene projects in Afica in the future.”

<What makes KGC special>
1. Contract Cultivation system

There are a number of traits that make CheongKwanJang Korean Red Ginseng products distinct and special; the most important among them being the raw ingredients used. An entirely new level of higher quality red ginseng, the main raw ingredient, is cultivated under a strictly managed system. In order to secure a stable supply of high-class red ginseng cultivated for six years, 100% of the ginseng used in CheongKwanJann products in quality controlled under our Contract Cultivation system. Let’s take a loser look at KGC’s Contract Cultivation system.

KGC’s Contract Cultivation system is an integral part of the overall process of ginseng procurement, from the signing of an agreement between ginseng farms (suppliers) and KGC, to the final supply. KGC, under this system, is able to strictly manage raw ingredient quality step by step, from optimization of ginseng farm land conditions to the assurance of final harvest quality. Red Ginseng culrivated for six years used in CheongKwanJang products takes a total of 8 tears ro frow from farm land selection to harvest.

A step-by-step description of the KGC’s Contract Cultivation system is proviede below.





Quality assurance of raw ingredients

Korea Ginseng Corporation (KGC) strictly manages 100% of the raw ginseng ingredients, grown under KGCs Contract Cultivation system. KGC dispatches around 700 employees, all of its employees excluding the executives and factory employees, to around 2200 contract ginseng farms nationwide between September and November, during the ginseng harvest season. Their key mission is to strictly and directly test the qulity of ginseng, and to communicate with the suppliers. Many overseas buyers also make visits to the farms to witness the harvest.

Fresh and credible raw ingredients

KGC screens ginseng with wholesome shapes and colors. The harvested ginseng goes through a final quality assessment by KGC, and is steamed and naturally dried for 48hours. It is processed within only 5 days after harvest and used as an ingredient in KGC’s red ginseng products.


KGC products are quality controled during the entire production process from raw ingredients to final processing. KGC staff are dedicated to producing quality products to contribute to a healthier and happier world.