Steamed Egg with Korean Red Ginseng …

Most people think that dalgyaljjim (steamed egg) is easy to cook. In fact, however, it is pretty hard to make decent steamed egg without being dry or scorched. If the stock made of Korean red ginseng marc and kelp is used, this egg dish tastes smoother and creamier without any a fish-like smell. In addition, the addition of squash would make this dish even more nutritious and flavorful.


Egg : 3 eggs
Soy sauce for soup  :  1 ts
Korean Red ginseng marc  : 15g
Kelp (4 centimeters in length and width)  : 1 kelp
Water  : 3 cups
Squash  : 1/8 piece
Green onion  : 2 pieces
Salt Little


1. Put kelp and Korean red ginseng marc into a pot filled with water. Boil the pot over low-medium heat for about 10 minutes. Then, leave it to cool.

2. Dice the squash (0.5 centimeters in length and width) and chop the green onions.

3. Put eggs into the ‘kelp + Korean red ginseng’ stock from the step 1 and drain the mixture through a sieve.

4. Add soy sauce and salt into the mixture from the step 3. Put the squash and green onions from the step 2 as well.

5. Pour the mixture from the step 4 into a porcelain bowl and put it into a pot filled with water. Then, boil the pot over low heat for 15 minutes.

Recipes Tips !

Boil the pot over low heat.

To make the steamed egg soft and creamy, boil the pot over low heat, making sure that it does not boil over. It would taste good without any fish-like smell if Korean red ginseng extract or Korean red ginseng powder is added as a substitute for the Korean red ginseng marc