Stir-fried Walnuts & Ginkgo Nuts with Korean Red Ginseng Slices is …

Walnuts and ginkgo nuts reinforce respiratory functions and easy cough and phlegm. The addition of Korean red ginseng slices would be helpful for those who often suffer from a cold or sore throat. However, ginkgo nuts have toxicity so that they shouldn’t be eaten too much at a time


Korean Red ginseng slices : 1 bag
Ginkgo nut, walnut, pine nut : 10 nuts each
Jujube : 5 jujubes

Braise Seasoning

Dark soy sauce 1 ts
Cooking syrup, cooking wine, sesame oil 1 ts each
Minced garlic 1/2 ts
Cooking oil Little



1. Stir-fry walnuts on a pan and drain them through a sieve.

2. Pour cooking oil the pan and stir-fry ginkgo nuts. If they turn green, wrap them with kitchen paper and rub to peel off.

3. Peel the jujubes in a spiral and cut them into slices.

4. Cut the Korean red ginseng into 0.1cm-thick slices. Put the pine nuts on kitchen paper and mince them.

5. Pour the braise seasoning except for cooking syrup into a concave pan. Once it boils, Pour the prepared ingredients and stir-fry.

6. If all water is evaporated, turn off the cooktop. Add cooking syrup and mix. Put the food on a dish.

Recipes Tips !

Do not add cooking syrup in advance.

Do not pour cooking oil on the pan too much to stir-fry ginkgo nuts. Stir-fry them over low heat to prevent them from becoming hard. If cooking syrup is added from the beginning, the food ingredients can get hard. Pour a small amount of cooking syrup at the end and slightly heat itcomes out.