Tenderloin Steak with Cream Sauce and Korean Red Ginseng is …

Pork is rich in vitamin B1 so that it is helpful in restoring stamina and energy. In particular, the unsaturated fatty acid helps you stay healthy in spring by discharging wastes from yellow dust out of your body.


Pork (minced tenderloin) : 300g
Oyster mushroom, button mushroom : 3 pieces each
Whole garlic : 3 pieces, Onion : 1/3 piece
Green onion : 3 stems, Rucola : 3 pieces
Olive oil, Salt, Black pepper : Little

Ansim (Tenderloin) Seasoning

Soy sauce, sesame oil : 1 Ts each
Minced cheongyang chili pepper : 1 Ts
Red wine : 1 Ts
Salt, Black pepper Little each

Cream Sauce

Korean Red ginseng extract : 1 Ts
Milk : 1/2 cup, Fresh cream : 1/4 cup
Salt, black pepper, cake flour Little each


1. Marinate pork in Ansim seasoning for about an hour. Make a round patty and grill it on a pan.

2. Cut the onion into dices (2 centimeters in length and width) and tear the oyster mushrooms into slices. Mince the button mushrooms and garlic and chop the green onions.

3. Put olive oil on a pan and add garlic and onion. Once the onion becomes transparent, add salt and black pepper.

4. Make a cream sauce with cream sauce ingredients.

5. Add the cream sauce from the step 4 to the mixture from the step 3. Stir-fry it over low heat. Add mushrooms and stir for about 3 minutes.

6. Put the pork patty from the step 1 on a dish and pour the cream sauce from the step 5 over it. Scatter rucola and minced green onions on top.

Recipes Tips !

Knead the patty as much as possible.

When you knead the pork patty, pick it up high and hit down hard on the mixing bowl. It grills well when all the air in the meat is removed. In addition, if it is hit down hard several times, it finally becomes sticky.