What Makes CheongKwanJang so Special and Distinctive?

KGC differentiates itself from the rest by using only 6-years-grown Korean Ginseng of the finest quality in its products. Not only that, KGC has conducted hundreds of tests over an eight year period, runs health supplement facilities in compliance with Korean Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP) standards, and has nearly 140 on-staff researchers with Ph. D. and Master’s degrees at our R&D center.

CheongKwanJang places the highest priority on safety, setting the standard for quality control. Each ginseng root is carefully monitored throughout its 6-year cultivation period, and grown in government-approved farms. Our farms operate on contract after extensive soil testing, to ensure that our Korean ginseng is cultivated in the optimal natural conditions.

The active ingredients in ginseng reach their maximum level during the sixth year of growth, and there are a number of studies that show that ginseng grown for 6 years contains 1.4 to 2 times higher content of active ingredients than those grown for 4 years. *Source: Kim (1987), Journal of Ginseng Research; Kim (1995), Japanese Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences.

Another mysterious, yet fascinating aspect of ginseng (in support of the study results above,) is that for every year of growth, it gains one new leaf-stem. By its sixth year, the number of leaf stems equals the plant’s age. This is the period when ginseng stops growing, and the root is fully matured.

The superiority of 6-years-grown Korean Ginseng has been extensively proven by modern scientific research. Hence, KGC has made it our strict rule over the past 120 years to use only 6-years-grown, fully matured Korean Ginseng, in order to produce the finest Korean Red Ginseng in the world.

Yes, We Reap What We Sow!

And Kgc’s Quality Control Starts Even Before Sowing

293 Safety Tests

KGC dedicates 8 years to prepare for harvesting raw materials; we put 2 years into securing the finest, uncontaminated, pollutant-free planting fields available, then another 6 years into growing Korean Ginseng under contract cultivation. During this long period, KGC conducts safety tests following 293 criteria, carries out 7 rounds of full-scale reviews, and enforces strict quality control measures.

KGC’s Safety Test Processes for CheongKwanJang Quality Assurance

1 Preliminary soil testing of fields, prior to planting 6~8 years before production
2 Safety tests on seedling material to be planted 6 years before production
3 Investigatory component inspections on 5 year old ginseng 2 years before production
4 Primary component inspections on 6 year old ginseng in the harvest year
5 Secondary component inspections on 6 year old ginseng in the harvest year
6 Component inspections on red ginseng after processing just before production in the year of market release
7 Component inspections on finished product just before market release

The Perfect Blend of Craftsmanship and Technology

The world’s No. 1 Korean Red Ginseng products are produced at our ginseng factory, which is the largest in the world.

Our factory is also the first in the ginseng industry to be HACCP and ISO 22000-certified. HACCP, or Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points, is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of food safety hazards. KGC successfully qualified for HACCP certification by meeting the safety requirements (to identify and control potential hazards at specific points in the process.) ISO 22000, or the International Organization for Standardization, is a standard addressing food safety management. Being certified to ISO 22000 allows KGC to show consumers that we have a reliable food management safety system in place. ISO is becoming increasingly more important, as more consumers begin to make the demand for products they can trust.

Confidence & Competence Rooted in R&D Capability

KGC has the utmost confidence in the quality of our products. This confidence is rooted in our 80 years of dedication to research and development, accompanied by cutting-edge technology. Founded in 1937, the Korea Ginseng Research Institute issued a new era of innovation, bringing our traditional craftsmanship into the modern world. In cooperation with health and medical communities at home and abroad, our 140 researchers with Ph. D. and Master’s degrees conduct research on cultivation techniques and soil management, and apply the latest technologies to develop new innovations in processing.

About 140 Researchers
with Ph.Ds and Master Degrees

Patents Held On Ginseng
The first private companies in the food industry Acquired certification as an authentic ginseng saponin data center

World’s No.1 Brand Designation
The number of papers presented from a single institute

Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme Internationally Certified Accreditation Institute, first ginseng company to acquire accreditation from KOLAS on 5 criteria,192 items > Another layer of competitive international accreditation is secured.

Continuous Investment On R&D

As The Leader Of Korean Ginseng Industry